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Food's too important to rely just on memory

Organize and share all of your favorite restaurants in one powerful and beautiful list

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Endless ways to find new restaurants

One way to organize and share them

•  Create lists of favorite restaurants
•  Organize lists with notes and tags
•  View restaurants on a detailed map
•  Share your lists with friends

The Dish on Dish

With our passion for food, travel, and design, we set out to create a beautiful app that allows you to make better decisions about where to eat, wherever you are.

Not your average food app

Until now, all food apps were designed around the premise that they needed to tell you where to eat. Not anymore.

Dish is designed for people who already have their favorite restaurants and sources for new places. The challenge has always been finding a way to keep track of, organize and share our favorite places (unfortunately, jotting down notes just didn’t cut it).

Keep all of your favorite and new places at your fingertips whether you’re on the lookout for the crispiest mulita in LA or the stickiest carbonara in NY.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

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